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Welcome to JimbobslimbobWeb.

This site contains various programs created by me that are free for use by anyone (including the Game Server Manager, Neverwinter Nights Character Organiser, Lost - Swan Station Timer, JK-Launch Mod Manager and much more). It also contains forums to discuss whatever you wish, my video gallery and picture gallery.

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27 March 2015: Steam News RSS Widget
Found a great little site that allows embedding of RSS feeds in a webpage. As such I have added a Steam News one and a BBC Technology one to the main page. You can see it underneath the Picture of the Moment. If there are any other feeds people would like to see added here then please let me know an ...Read More

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Dying Light Popular (Other Games)
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No i will wait until we are all on again otherwise you will be left behindI am happy to leave that character as a 4 player coop one
22 Apr at 08:51:09 Go to last post
The Force Awakens (General Discussion)
It does look good hope it is
17 Apr at 13:03:59 Go to last post
Running with Rifles (Other Games)
I think you would love it Greg, as will Megneto. They do actually have a demo (I know, weird to find these days!) - so you can give that a go if you f...
14 Apr at 11:35:36 Go to last post
Elite: Dangerous (Other Games)
I wasn't trying to put you off Meg, if you wanna get it then by all means do. I was just quoting what I saw on it. If you do get it I would be interes...
7 Apr at 12:08:11 Go to last post
The Walking Dead Very PopularVery Popular (General Discussion)
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I disagree with that, I have really enjoyed the last few episodes - they have tried doing some different stuff and I think it was all the better for i...
1 Apr at 14:31:39 Go to last post
Game of Thrones - Potential Spoilers Very PopularVery Popular (General Discussion)
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Good stuff i like her
1 Apr at 13:08:32 Go to last post

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Neverwinter Nights Server

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The Brickage server is a UK based server running the Lord of Terror mod. The server is private and you will require a website account to gain access.

Picture of the moment
Sword Coast Legends
Could this be the next great D&D game?



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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton