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Welcome to JimbobslimbobWeb.

This site contains various programs created by me that are free for use by anyone (including the Game Server Manager, Neverwinter Nights Character Organiser, Lost - Swan Station Timer, JK-Launch Mod Manager and much more). It also contains forums to discuss whatever you wish and links to my Steam screenshots/artwork and YouTube videos.

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25 November 2016: New Poll
Added a new poll today - Game Night Vote, which I am hoping to reset weekly to gauge what everyone wants to play on the Friday. Perhaps this will aid us in sorting out what games to play.

I have also altered it so that you now must be logged in to vote.

I can add/remove games to the li ...Read More

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The Force Awakens (General Discussion)
Fascinating video here. Wonder if there is much truth to it.
17 Feb at 18:54:10 Go to last post
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (Other Games)
Just sticking some links up here for my own benefit...My Profile (swgoh.gg) Guild ActivitiesNews (official)News (swgoh.gg)Official Forum
16 Feb at 11:35:56 Go to last post
Grim Dawn Popular (Other Games)
  (Jump to page: 1 2)
Cool will look forward to that :-)
16 Feb at 10:15:09 Go to last post
Sven Coop (Other Games)
It will if you get that drunk every Friday night :-) X_X
13 Feb at 13:47:01 Go to last post
Star Citizen the new Freelancer? Popular (Star Citizen)
  (Jump to page: 1 2 3)
Yeah, I wouldn't get my hopes up with it. It's going the way of No Man's Sky by the looks of things (down the bog).
8 Feb at 13:22:34 Go to last post
GoTo: outlets for steam game keys Sticky (General Discussion)
Good shout. These sites are worth the punt. I have had loads of games from instant gaming and had no trouble at all. 
6 Feb at 10:30:03 Go to last post

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Neverwinter Nights Server

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The Brickage server is a UK based server. The server is private and you will require a website account to gain access.

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Prep for dust-off, we are gonna need immediate evac.


Useful Links

Steam Status - Status of the various Steam services

PC Gaming Wiki - A great site for game patches, fixes and getting older games to work on new systems.

Neverwinter Nights Character Builder - An amazing site that allows creation of NWN 2 characters online

My Character Builds - See my public builds from the NWN2 Character Builder site

By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton