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Welcome to JimbobslimbobWeb.

This site contains various programs created by me that are free for use by anyone (including the Lost - Swan Station Timer, JK-Launch Mod Manager and much more). It also contains forums to discuss whatever you wish, my video gallery and picture gallery.

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30 October 2014: Forum Search Improvements
I have added an additional search feature to the main forum page, that can be accessed when you are logged in. This allows you to search for a specific word or set of words in all forums. The existing search for individual forums has been left intact.

The new search will show posts that conta ...Read More

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Beerage Very PopularVery Popular (General Discussion)
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Aerials and stuff (General Discussion)JimbobslimbobJimbobslimbob
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The Brickage Industries server is a UK based Space Engineers server running 24/7. It can be found in the global list, or by using www.jimbobslimbob.com as the address to directly connect to. This is a private server. Only members of The Brotherhood of The Option may join. If you wish to join us you will need a website account to request access.

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