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Welcome to JimbobslimbobWeb.

This site contains various programs created by me that are free for use by anyone (including the Game Server Manager, Neverwinter Nights Character Organiser, Lost - Swan Station Timer, JK-Launch Mod Manager and much more). It also contains forums to discuss whatever you wish and links to my Steam screenshots/artwork and YouTube videos.

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Latest News

19 January 2016: New poll
Put a new poll up today - Vote on the most important choice in Witcher 3. Given I am currently playing through the game I thought it would be good to see where everyone's loyalties lay.

Results of the last poll (Favourite D&D Class) were:
Fighter: 11 votes
Rogue: 10 votes
Oth ...Read More

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Witcher 3 (Other Games)
Witcher 3 ModsJust finished my first play-through of this awesome game (loved every second of it). Going to definitely be doing a "New Game +" play-th...
27 Jan at 11:03:05 Go to last post
Void Expanse Popular (Other Games)
  (Jump to page: 1 2)
Sounds good. No worries Greg, your idea of early is normally my idea of late anyhow Smile
13 Jan at 09:31:42 Go to last post
New Aliens Movie (General Discussion)
Yeah, worries the shit out of me too. UnhappyIt could be good, but if anything this turn of events has made me even more skeptical.
8 Jan at 08:07:03 Go to last post
The Force Awakens (General Discussion)
...also, there were more cameos than you think.
5 Jan at 14:22:12 Go to last post
NWN 1 - Great Builds Locked (Neverwinter)
Devastating Meat-ShieldA front-line melee guy that deals heavy damage and does a fair job at protecting himself while at it.Points of Interest- High C...
17 Dec 2015 at 10:31 Go to last post
Star Citizen the new Freelancer? Popular (Star Citizen)
  (Jump to page: 1 2)
Naa, I signed up for an account but have not put any money down yet (I was tempted a while ago). I am even more reluctant to do so after the recent is...
16 Dec 2015 at 11:02 Go to last post

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Witcher 3
One of the best RPGs to come along in a long time


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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton