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Games - Evochron Mercenary

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EMH v1.2.0.4
Last Updated: 16/10/2013
First Added: 14/10/2013

This program works as a kind of extended HUD - for use with a second monitor. It uses real-time information on the game that is currently playing. Information includes player position, fuel, cash - including a historic graph, cargo, player name and rank.

This works using the savedata.txt file, generated by Evochron Mercenary. Other programs like EvoMetrics use this file as well.

For information on setting up your game to generate these files, please see the official forums.
EM Server Manager v2.5.2.8
Last Updated: 09/10/2013
First Added: 19/09/2013

This utility was created to help monitor, configure, and automatically restart the Evochron Mercenary server program.

Once the executable file is set, you can get the program to check for the existence of the server program every X seconds (and restart it if necessary). You can also set it to restart the program at a certain time of day.

Other features include:
- Single-click access to configuration, players online, bases, clan map and chat log.
- Backup and restore configuration files
- Players online list and count
- Player base list
- Ability to output status, population, server name, player list, player base list to a file - formatted however you want
- Internal and external IP address display
- Server up-time display
EM Ship Loadout Calculator v1.3
Last Updated: 01/10/2013
First Added: 25/09/2013

This is a simple Excel spreadsheet for calculating a ship statistics and loadout. It is basic at the moment, but if I have time I will improve on it.

It currently only works with civilian ships.

Any cells highlighted in yellow are the ones that require you to either select an item from a list or enter a value.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton