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Games - Neverwinter Nights 2

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Hannah Aeryn v1.0
Last Updated: 25/06/2013
First Added: 25/06/2013

This is a F12/W1/AA9/Ass8 female Drow, level 30 character for NWN 2. It is one of my favourite builds to play and is identical to the one I placed up on the NWN2DB website. This one comes complete with custom portrait that I made myself (both large and small versions). She is fully decked out with items and is ready to play.
Playable Aragorn Elessar Character v1
Last Updated: 29/11/2012
First Added: 29/11/2012

This is a playable character for Neverwinter Nights 2 - Aragorn Elessar.

He is only level 6 so you can continue his advancement how you wish. He is human chaotic good with 2 custom armours and includes his sword Anduril.

Aragorn's Ranger Armour: His ranger armour that he uses in The Fellowship Of The Ring.
Aragorn's Gondor Armour: A beefier armour (used in Return of the King).
Anduril: A magically enhanced greatsword.

The custom chain shirt and sword should be used when a higher level is attained (all equiped stuff complies with the item level restriction rules).

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton