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5 December 2019Game Server Manager Update
Changes in

- Added a GSM logfile, with important events now logged in it.

- Added a button on the "Quick Tasks" menu to access GSM logfile.

- Added option to send logs to Discord.

- Fixed bug with GSM not sending auto-update commands to Discord when the correct checkbox is ticked.

4 June 2019Game Server Manager and Discord Bot Update
GSM - Changes in

- Added a new remote command - "profileswitch.txt", which will switch profiles with the filename specified in the text file.

- Made some fixes to RCON for use with Ark: Survival Evolved authorisation. This should hopefully connect properly now.

- Improvements made to the INI Parser to better handle strange characters and comment lines.

- Added "Server Settings" and "INI Parser" to the "Quick Tasks" button on the "Main" tab.

I have updated the Discord Bot to include the new "profileswitch" command as well.

12 April 2019Game Server Manager Update
A small update today:

Changes in

- GSM will now perform a "standard close" (graceful, then forced) after sending Telnet shutdown commands to a server if the process is still running after the delay (in seconds). This was added because if the server crashes, Telnet shutdown commands will not close the crashed server. With this new setting, it is even more important that the "delay" entered in "Server Shutdown" is sufficient to ensure smooth shutdown in most normal cases.

1 August 2018NWN XP Scaler Update
The NWN XP Scaler now includes a better GUI which should help with scaling XP by percentages. It now goes from 1% all the way up to 5000%.

There is also some better error control and a few minor clean-ups.

1 August 2018Game Server Manager Update
A small update with little impact on main function:

Changes in

- Updated Help/About screen to include more setup guides.

- Added a PayPal donation link to the Help/About screen.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton