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9 October 2014Project Zomboid Server
The server is now running a Project Zomboid server alongside the Space Engineers one. I am sure we will tweak settings in the coming weeks. As there is no password protection ability for dedicated servers yet, I have to create a "whitelist" of usernames and passwords that will be accepted on the server. I can do this by temporarily whitelisting everyone, then you join, I turn it back and finally add your login to the whitelist. It's very cumbersome at the moment, but once you are in, you are in!

Hope to see you online soon for some zombie slaying!

8 September 2014Space Engineers server is up
I have just set up our server to host a Space Engineers universe. It is a private server. All members of The Brotherhood of The Option Steam group may join.

Hope to see you in game. Time to get building!

14 May 2014Program Updates
I have updated JCam with some of the new features I have been working on over the last month or so. Two of the most notable additions include:

- E-mail alerts, that send an e-mail complete with attached images to a specified e-mail address when motion is detected.
- Auto-reconnect when disconnected. Does exactly what it says on the tin - we continuously attempt to reconnect if the camera is found to be offline.

I have also added another new program to the files section - the Steam Tracker, which among other things allows you to gather data from Steam users to run a multitude of charts and reports for statistics gathering. Enjoy!

10 May 20147 Days to Die Server Update
The 7 Days to Die server has been updated to Alpha 8 - which includes respawning loot, air drops and smoother terrain. A world reset was also performed again to take advantage of these new features. Enjoy!

13 April 2014Server move complete
Server has now been moved over to a gigabit line - no more Wi-Fi! So it should be faster and smoother than before.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton