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SwiftSync v1.7.0.4
Last Updated: 30/07/2020
First Added: 02/03/2020

SwiftSync is a file syncing utility designed to compare files quickly and give access to a robust command-line system for automation and convenience.

- Ultra-fast. Speed was the priority with this syncing utility
- Multiple profiles
- Robust command-line interface for automation
- Copy locked files or files in use with ShadowCopy
- Monitor folders for changes and react accordingly
- Different ways to sync: 2-way, 1-way and 1-way with delete
- Folder display, with detailed information on what will sync to where
- Filter, sort, copy, delete, copy as list and exclude files
- Add exclusions to files and folders, including the ability to use wildcards
- Integration with Windows Task Scheduler to provide quick task creation
- Drive IDs are stored and compared to ensure drive letter changes do not cause issues.
ProcessMan v2.1.0.0
Last Updated: 15/06/2020
First Added: 22/10/2013

ProcessMan is a task scheduler and program manager. It was designed to monitor and manage any number of running processes on a machine. Unlike Windows task scheduler, this program also has the option to monitor actively running processes and perform actions on them at specified times. Some of the features include:

- Monitors program status, including up-time and down-time.
- Ability to schedule any number of tasks such as start, stop and restart.
- Ability to automatically restart a program if it is not running.
- Includes a built-in viewer to see all currently running processes.
- Will attempt to gracefully close programs that are scheduled to do so, before force-closing them, with a configurable grace-period.
- Will minimise to sys-tray.
- Monitor NIC usage and perform actions based on a lower download threshold.
- Ability to get and set program window position and size, with the ability to set when checked or launched (or manually via context menu).
Launcher Launcher v1.0.1.0
Last Updated: 03/06/2020
First Added: 03/06/2020

Used to monitor, start and stop your various game launchers - including Steam, UPlay, Origin, Galaxy, Bethesda and Rockstar. Can also launch and close all on program start/close and monitor NIC traffic so that you can shutdown your computer when downloads complete.
Game Server Manager v3.6.6.0
Last Updated: 15/12/2019
First Added: 13/01/2015

This program was created to help start,stop, monitor, configure and automatically restart a game server. It has been tried and tested with Starbound, Neverwinter Nights, Killing Floor 2, Empyrion, 7 Days to Die, Space Engineers, Avorion, Eden Star, Evochron Mercenary, Freelancer and GRAV - but will probably work with most games.

Features include:
- Automatic update checking and applying via SteamCMD (with configurable delay and server warning message)
- Players online graph
- Built-in Telnet and RCON client, which can be used manually or set to automatically send messages and commands (such as shutdown and shutdown notices) to the server
- Auto-restart if server goes down
- Message/command broadcast system
- Discord message broadcasting for server state and player changes.
- Player list showing everyone online, including ping, score, team and time online.
- INI File Parser, which displays a list of all ini file settings (across multiple files) in a list that you can sort, filter, edit, import and export as you wish.
- CPU and RAM usage display, with graph
- Network bandwidth monitor, with graph
- Ability to output status, players online and server name to a file - formatted however you want
- Single-click access to configuration.
- Detailed server information
- Internal and external IP address display
- Server up-time display
- Optional timed daily server restart.
- Timed incremental backups. Perform a daily backup of game data to a zip file.
- Automatically update game - Ability to run a maintenance / update program between restarts. e.g. SteamCMD to perform daily updates automatically. The server will start back up again when this program finished / ends so you minimise downtime.
- Option to delay timed restarts. i.e. The server will be turned off and the program will wait X seconds before attempting to restart it.
- Telnet to server
- 1 click backup and maintenance
- Remote commands to start, stop, backup, update and send commands to your server.
- Game Profiles - Multiple instances of the program can be run with multiple configurations.
- Designed to be universal and work with a multitude of games.
GSM Discord Bot v1.0.3.0
Last Updated: 04/06/2019
First Added: 22/03/2018

This program is a companion Discord bot for my Game Server Manager (GSM) that allows you to remotely start, stop, restart, backup, update, change parameters and send commands to GSM via Discord.

Commands currently supported:

!start - Starts the server
!stop - Stops the server
!backup - Performs a backup
!update - Performs a full update (maintenance) cycle
!restart - Restarts the server
!parm1 - Restarts the server with parameter set #1
!parm2 - Restarts the server with parameter set #2
!send xxx - Sends the specified command (xxx) to the server
!profileswitch xxx - Switches GSM profile to the one specified
!ipaddress - Get the server IP address
!screenshot - Takes a screenshot and posts to Discord
!serverload - Get the server current CPU and RAM usage
roll dx - Rolls a x sided dice
flip a coin - Flips a coin
time - Displays the server time

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton