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23 July 2020SwiftSync Update
- If SwiftSync is run where no settings are located for it (e.g. if using it portably on another machine), then it will first check to see if there is at least 1 profile in the "Profiles" subfolder within the executable's folder. If found, this folder will be the one selected as the default profile folder for that machine, instead of the one in "appdata". You can, of course, still change it. This change only effects machines with no profile folder saved - and is meant only for ensuring portable installations are easier to maintain.

17 July 2020SwiftSync Update
- Added ability to alter profile folder, which now defaults to the user's appdata folder on new installs (where the settings are). You can still store your profiles with the app if you wish (e.g. to keep those portable), but you now have the option of storing them anywhere. This also helps keep the program more in-line with UAC in Windows and where things "should be stored".
- Log files now also are stored in the appdata folder. This is not changeable.
- Fixed an issue that would crash SwiftSync if the profile saved was not found on startup.
- SwiftSync is now packaged in a proper installer which benefits from a smaller file-size due to better compression than a standard zip file, start menu shortcuts and an uninstaller capable of removing app settings and profiles. Those that shun such things should note that the setup executable can still be opened as an archive with programs like 7zip, should you wish to bypass this completely and extract the files manually. Additionally, the original zip link will still be obtainable (and updated) alongside this version. It can be found at

1 July 2020SwiftSync Update
- Added elapsed time to the stored status messages - which is the sum of file build, compare and copy times.
- Skipped and excluded files are set not to log by default (will not affect active settings, only a new install/configuration).
- The log file is now limited to 20mb in size. Upon program launch if the size is greater than this then it will be deleted and start from scratch.
- On program launch the profile list will scroll to the current/last loaded profile automatically if it is not in view.

3 June 2020Program Updates
Updated ProcessMan to now include NIC monitoring, including ability to perform actions like shutting down your computer when a download threshold is reached.

Also added a new program - Launcher Launcher, which is used to monitor, start and stop your various game launchers - including Steam, UPlay, Origin, Galaxy, Bethesda and Rockstar. Can also launch and close all on program start/close and monitor NIC traffic so that you can shutdown your computer when downloads complete.

1 April 2020SwiftSync Update
- Added 3 new command-line options: -shutdown, -restart and -logoff, will perform that action to either shutdown, restart or log the user off when the program closes.
- Added a file extension column to the folder lists, which is sortable.

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By James (Jimbobslimbob) Compton